At Ornelli Black Angus you are always required to confirm your reservation.

You can choose to confirm your reservation by text or phone call.

Or by paying a deposit conveniently by Credit Card.

✔ How booking confirmation works

• You will be asked to confirm your reservation a few hours before your arrival at the restaurant.

• Make sure your contact information (email, Whatsapp, SMS) is correct otherwise you may not receive our messages or calls.

• If we cannot reach you or you do not respond to our messages, your reservation will be cancelled.


Confirm in advance by Credit Card

Skip the confirmation procedure immediately with your credit card.

We give you the option to skip the confirmation process immediately by paying an upfront “deposit”.

Useful if:
– You may not be reachable when you are contacted for the confirmation request
– Your table is for such an important occasion that you absolutely do not want to risk a cancellation
– You wish to be assigned the best table for your needs
– You prefer not to be contacted by phone or text by our hospitality department to confirm your table.

Deposit refund:

In case you decide to cancel your reservation after paying the deposit, the deposit will be refunded in full. But remember, cancellation of your reservation must be made at least 4 hours in advance via WhatsApp message to our Costumer Care at: +39 06 487 2788

Do you need more information?

Contact our Costumer Care


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